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since 1984

24/7 Professional Accident/Collision Reconstruction for Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Cars/Trucks, Motorcycles, Pedestrians and more.

3-D Scanning and Mapping

Commercial Vehicles, Passenger Trucks/Cars, EDR/ECM Downloads

ACTAR Certified Accident/Collision Investigation and Reconstruction

More About Us

CARS is a full-service accident reconstruction company that provides a specialized service to law firms, insurance companies, and private corporations. 


When CARS started in 1984, there were three members of law enforcement.  Dr. Andrews (PhD in Physics, North Texas State University, 1987) joined the company in 1995 to further supplement the CARS team.  Since that time he has taken a major role in the company to help promote the professionalism that CARS strives to maintain.  He has also qualified as an expert in reconstruction in local, state, and federal courts. 

Brian Andrews (B.S. in Engineering Physics and B.S. in Physics) joined the company in January of 2011.  Brian is the leading accident reconstructionist in the company and specializes in Heavy truck reconstruction, automobile reconstruction, pedestrian collision reconstruction and Human Factors including perception reaction, nighttime recognition, path intrusions and lead vehicle collisions to name a few.  He has also qualified as an expert in reconstruction in local, state, and federal courts.  More detailed information is available on our Company Personnel Page as well as our CV’s.   


CARS presently uses the latest 3D scanning, mapping, modeling, and reconstruction equipment along with highly qualified personnel to provide the best accident reconstruction service.  CARS employees are centrally located in the DFW area and offer state and country wide twenty-four hour on-call service.

Additionally, CARS offers a free and quick desktop review of all potential cases

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