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Reconstruction Services

CARS offers a free and quick desktop review of all potential cases

Animation  |  Forensic Photography  |  Investigation | Reconstruction  |  3D Scene & Vehicle Scanning
Based in Fort Worth but servicing the ENTIRE State of Texas and Beyond including Dallas, Austin, San Antonio , Houston, Midland, Odessa, Lubbock, Amarillo, El Paso and more. 
Additionally we offer 24/7 Rapid response nation wide.

CARS Fee Schedule Availible by Request


3D scanning/Modeling

Impact Analysis – Crush – EDR (Airbag Module) Downloads – Vehicle Alteration – Engine Wear Analysis – Steering Column Autopsy

Paint Samples – Product Liability

Commercial Vehicle Inspections – ECM and Advanced System Downloads


3D Scanning/Forensic Mapping – Roadway Defects – Aerial Photographs – Critical Curve Speed

Evidence Photography – Traffic Control Study & Evaluation


Computer analysis – Evidence Evaluation – Light Bulb Examination

View Obstruction Analysis – Video Computer Animation – Vehicle Defect Examination

– Photography (including aerial)

Coefficient of Friction of Surface – Accident Reconstruction Software

Interrogatories & Courtroom Presentation Assistance



Delayed Perception and Reaction – Acceleration & Deceleration

Signal Light Analysis – Prevention Possibility


CARS has provided training and seminars to insurance companies, fleet safety managers and responders, and to the legal community.

Recently CARS (paired with Lee Jackson of Traffic Crash Recon) has taught classes on Accident investigation, Reconstruction and other various subjects.

Areas of CARS expertise:

  • Accident Investigation

  • Accident Reconstruction

  • Crush

  • Forensic Photography


Skidmarks – Fall speed – Flip/Vault – Accident Avoidance

Critical speed scuff (yaw marks) – Conservation of linear momentum (Impact Speed

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